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Painting The Owl


A painting of the Owl with symbolism

Two Paintings One for You 

and the Other a friend

Cute Owl Watercolour Splash Colourful.jpg
Cute Owl Watercolour Splash Colourful.jpg
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Entry Level: Beginners

10 June 2023

4pm-8pm UK BST    via ZOOM


Welcome to the Spirit Animal Painting - x2 Owl Workshop


Spirit Art Painting Workshop
10 June 2023


Time for the Canvas!

An excellent first step and fun, painting experience for the complete beginner or novice (adult).  Learn how to paint a power animal in this two day workshop.

You will paint two owl paintings in watercolour with symbolism or I may include a wildcat or giraffe instead!

Have you ever wondered if you possess the skill to draw and paint?

I hold this two-half day painting class once a year. If interested, come and learn a new spiritual skill, painting in watercolour. Join others worldwide from the comfort of their home. Watercolour is the least messy of the various painting mediums so you won't make too much mess but your painting will be full of colour, vibrant and gorgeous!

Beginners Introduction To a Spirit Power Animal Painting!


You will be walked through each stage, step-by-step, shown live by the tutor, how to paint this spirit animal. Last year we painted the black jaguar, 2022 the wise Owl with a symbolic message and 2023, the white Tiger!

For adults who believe they cannot draw, let alone paint will find this workshop easy to follow and present them with the new skill they can continue to practice at home. 

Early booking advisable

A fun, meditative spirit art, painting, mindfulness activity class for the beginner artist in watercolour.

Open to International Students Also

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in developing their Spirit Art.

You DO NOT need prior drawing or painting skills to

attend as this course as it's designed for compete beginners.



You will enjoy this workshop if Spirit Art appeals to you. If you love animals and are interested in developing your spiritual gifts then you must not miss this workshop!
The list for all essentials will be provided upon booking.

Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip



Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

Butterfly Leopard magical painting
Image by Fuu J
Image by Elena Mozhvilo
Image by Tim Arterbury


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