Book a twenty-minute reading with me to find out what's happening around you via the telephone or a longer session via Zoom. 


A relaxing and open session. Apart from health and legal matters most topics will be spoken about. Sit and listen to what elements of your life the cards brings up. There will be time towards the end for questions if they haven't already been addressed.

An exciting and fast-paced reading that covers a range of different areas. Please avoid notifying me which area you most want to speak about to get to the heart of it. Sometimes through the journey, we learn more than just reaching the destination in nano seconds. Allow the cards do it organically. Save your questions for the end. While the Tarot cannot predict or be used as a guaranteed timing tool, we can gain 'how you will feel' after an event to identify the possibility of learning. Will you be happier, and if not, why not? I am truthful. If she or he looks have moved on, I will tell you. If your new business project is successful, it will be a pleasure to tell you.

The tarot cards are signposts. Nothing is set in stone as you have free will to change the future by the choices you see fit to make. Therefore, listen to the advice from the cards but ultimately, what happens in the future depends on your decisions.

I began reading Tarot since aged 14 and turned professional aged 19. I have read for professional people throughout England, China, Dubai, America, Europe, and more. I've been in the Spirit and Destiny magazine a few times and reviewed as one of the favourite readers from the son of a celebrity psychic that once worked on a popular 'x' TV talent show.

Once payment is received,  I will arrange a suitable date for your schedule.


Due to the nature of the reading, all information shared during the session should be viewed as entertainment only. No refunds are offered beyond 48 hours of payment made.

20 mins: This will be a practical session with 1 Student and Tutor!

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Book an appointment in person via Zoom

Experienced professional reader, author, psychic, medium, artist.

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20 Minutes


with a Professional 30 yeras Tarot Reader

£42.50 - Telephone

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30 Minutes


with a Professional 30 yeras Tarot Reader

£60.00 - Zoom

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