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As a Teacher with 20 years experience in the IT field anda Zoom Host for over 5 years, I look forward in supporting you reach the next RUNG of the LADDER hopefully expanding your Spiritual progress and confidence.    Read Students Feedback

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Sunday Spiritual Services


Sunday Open Platform Mediumship

Every 'Last Sunday' of the Month

DATE: 30 MAY 2021

7.30pm-9.15pm UK

Free Entry

Come and present your Mediumship in our open platform.

Guests welcome.  Open to working mediums, beginners or those needing to build confidence.

Sunday The Assembly of Spirit Inspirtations


Free Entry

DATE: 13 June 2021

5.00pm-6.30pm UK

A non-mediumship focused Speakers service.  An Assembly of people to listen to shared short talks, or volunteer to give spiritual poems, readings. Part Service and Part Open Platform.  Nourishing your Soul with the inspiration shared. 

This Month's Guest Speaker:  


Public Speaking Weekly Circle


DATE: 03 Sept 2021

6.00pm-7.45am UK

Suitable for those petrified at public speaking and want to build confidence speaking inspirationally (unscripted) Must book early as limited group numbers.  Come and find your True Voice!!


DATE: 17 May 2021

4.00 pm - 5.00 pm



Discussion Group


A newly developed class based on the improvement of working on SELF.  Most people work to develop Mediumship, Healing or become a Speaker without ever working on the backlog of 'self-issues’ hidden, brushed under the rug, but yet wonder why they are in life, searching for approval, recognition, like being around people of Status, super critical and self-judgemental, prefers to be in background, scared of not being liked or misunderstood by others and other aspects that keeps them chained to the Fear to be seen and heard.  Most demonstrate from a place of FEAR.


Watch and Talk session's wants to assist helping you improve your Spiritual work by helping you ALSO to work on self. By doing so, you'll come across more confident, strong and impactful in any Spiritual work you do but will also transcend to your Social life and work interactions.  The first held Mon 17 May and possible more added weekly if minimum 10 attendees or more are present.


What will be your BEST inspired moment, take away?


Spirit Portrait Private Training

Improve your technique with the tutor.


Same week appointments


Want to increase your Spirit Portrait Drawing Skills? Book a 1 on 1 appointment 

Private Coaching - Student and Tutor for 1 hr.


Understanding Mediumship and 'No's

Online (Intermediates)

DATE: 15 MAY 2021


How we approach Mediumship depends upon our personal understanding. Aim not to be a 'Medium Clone' but develop your own style as a Medium.  Practical Platform Demonstrations of Mediumship to support your style and how to change a No, into a mini Yes, keeping your evidential flow.

How to Draw Psychic Auragraphs LEVEL 1

Online  (Mixed Levels)

DATE: 22 MAY 2021

3.00pm-6.00pm UK

The art of drawing Auragraphs can help you to improve your drawing skills, adopt mind creativity and surrealism artwork.  This is for beginners so come and learn the tricks of the trade of Auragraphs!

Spiritual speaking

Friday Night In  - With The Audience

Free Entry

DATE: 29 MAY 2021

7.30pm-9.00pm UK

Come and tell others about your Spiritual unfoldment - See what you can learn to inspire your continuation.  A lovely relaxed atmosphere where we can discover the Spiritualist within you.

Spirit Music and Inspirational Speaking

Spirit, Music and Inspirational Speaking

Online  (Mixed Levels)

DATE: 29 MAY 2021

3.00pm-5.00pm UK

Come and discover how music can assist what you say.  A very benefical workshop for those that wish to practice Inspirational speaking who less confident in their Public Speaking skills.

Design Oracle Cards 12 June 21.png

How to Create an Oracle Deck of Cards

Online  (Beginners ^ up)

DATE: 12 JUNE 2021

3.00pm-6.30pm UK

Learn how to design and create an oracle card. At the start learn about Storyboarding to create the theme, apply colour theory and the IT resources for the technical management so you receive your completed deck of oracle cards, professionally boxed wrapped with your design.

How to Paint a Spirit Animal Level 1

Online  (Beginners)

DATE: 19-20 JUNE 2021

1.30pm-6.30pm UK

Come and paint a Power Spirit Animal.  Get connected to the Animal Power and Essence. A NEW workshop to help you learn how to attune to spirit and to paint an animal portrait (Beginners Level). All students will follow the step by step instructions.  (Watercolour based portrait)

Demonstrating Platform Mediumship

Online  (interm/Advanced)

DATE: 26 JUNE 2021

3.00pm-5.00pm UK

This is a platform demonstrating only assessment workshop to provide students with honest feedback about their mediumship evidence accuracy and presentation style.  Feedback is a must if students want to build confidence.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Spirit Guide Portrait Drawing


Online  (Beginner's ^up)

DATE: 24 JULY 2021

2.00pm-7.00pm UK

A specialised workshop to support you drawing and attuning with Spirit to represent the visual drawing of a Spirit Guide.  Students will receive mulitple message from a Spirit guide.  Let's work with pastels to create beautiful arts of the Spirit Guide - Virtual Lunch Break Included.

How to draw spirit portraits l3.png

Combine Spirit Art & Mediumship Level 3

Online  (Intermediates)

DATE: 31 JULY 2021

3.00pm-6.00pm UK

This workshop will help you understand how to draw your Spirit Portraits and apply your Mediumship ability. Learn to express their Story. You will be able to also assess the quality of your drawing in finding out the likeness in percentage your portraits are.

Double Contact Mediumship

Online  (Mixed Levels)

DATE: 31 JULY  2021

7.00pm-9.00pm UK

A wonderful workshop to support the skill of Staying ithin The Power'. Discover nuggets of evidence during this space of power and, whilst giving a demonstration with another student(s).  Learn to receive the evidence, hold onto it, understand it and then present it. 

Image by JJ Ying

Improve Your Drawing Skills


Online  (Mixed Levels)

DATE: 07 AUG 2021

3.00pm-6.30pm UK

In thi s specialised drawing class we will be looking at improving your Spirit Portrait artwork, improving facial features, improving head angles and improving shading - unsuitable for advanced artists.

Mediumship Train with Spirit in Spirit.png

How to Train with Spirit (in Spirit)

Online  (Mixed Levels)

DATE: 13 AUG 2021

5.00pm-6.30pm UK

A one of a kind, UNIQUE training with the SPIRIT people in their classroom. A mediumship focused workshop for strengthening your quality, evidence and understanding the presence of the spirit communicator.

Understanding Mediumship and the No's

Online  (Intermediates)

DATE: 28 AUG 2021

7.30pm-9.15pm UK

How we approach Mediumship depends upon our personal understanding. Aim not to be a 'Medium Clone' but develop your own style as a Medium.  Practical Platform Demonstrations of Mediumship to support your style and how to change a No, into a mini Yes, keeping your evidential flow.

How to Draw Psychic Auragraphs LEVEL 2

Online  (Beginner's ^up)

DATE: 09 OCT 2021

3.00pm-6.00pm UK

The art of drawing Auragraphs can help you to improve your drawing skills, adopt mind creativity and surrealism artwork.  The Level 2 Aurgraph workshop focuses on Spirit Portraiture Auragraphs.

The Final Message 2.png

The Final Message in Mediumship

Specialised - Online

DATE: 30 OCT 2021

4.00pm-8.00pm UK

Learn how to complete your contact with an impactful Final Message from the Spirit Communicator to allow your recipient to really feel the presence and essence of their loved one. By doing this you can potentially assist the healing needed between the spirit and recipient.

Discovering the Psychic Crime Artist Within

Online  (Mixed Levels)

DATE: 04 DEC 2021

4.00pm-9.00pm UK

Learning how to become good as a Psychic Artist can assist and further develop your service to those in the Spirit world. There are many people you can bring healing too within the physical world we live in.


Whilst Spirit Artist's focus on drawing the face of those that departed and have made their transition to the other side.  As a Psychic Artist you may be able to assist with locating missing people, or drawing the faces of those that were in some way involved. 


As a specialised workshop meant for the experimental of your ability to identify in drawing faces of those that are not always on the right side of the law. Come and find out in this taster workshop your skills of the psychic drawing abilities and more!

No previous ‘drawing faces’ experience necessary. We ask all attendees to please leave 'all expectations' at the front door and collect on your way out, if needed.   What happens in this class, stays in this class, capisce?


Let’s explore new heights and new ways to work as a Psychic Artist.

Understanding your PAST LIFE hearing the Soul Voice within 

Experimental Online  Workshop for Beginners

DATE: 27 Dec 2021

3.00pm-6.30pm UK



A specialised and experimental workshop offered to you to practice moving into the auric past of your sitter to explore their previous lifetime. As a recipient you will be shown how to move your awareness to a super relaxed but awakened state to sit and listen to what is revealed into your (potential) previous past lifestyle. Will it be found out you were famous, rich or poor? Did you suffer or live like a King or Queen?


You will be taught to follow the scene in order to locate the current lifestyle issue of the sitter described to awaken their subconscious to that time of life. We then look in merging both you and your sitter in that ‘scene’ with the result of the sitter being able to come to their ‘own realisation’ of why their ‘current life issue’ may have some connection to their previous life (potentially). 


The purpose to revisit a previous lifestyle to identify similar experiences in this life, but to help you break the pattern (overweight), (fearful of public speaking), (low self-worth), (issues with commitment), (overwhelmed with the imposter syndrome), (lack of confidence), (childless), (fear of success), and many more.   Is your current lifestyle flavoured by choices you make because of a previous lifestyle (consciously you are unaware of). As an experiment please understand that there will be NO FULL TRANCE just an awakened light state.


An uplifting and insightful experimental experience.  

Past workshops 2021

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Demonstrating Mediumship Workshop Balle

Mediumship Weekly Circle

Ending 30 April 2021


Circle Ended to return later in 2021

A weekly 'tuition' circle for the development of Mediumship for Intermediates+

Demonstrating Mediumship Workshop Balle

Spirit Portrait Circle

Ending 24 April 2021

DATE: Ending

Circle Ended to return later in 2021

A weekly 'tuition' circle for the development of Spirit Portrait Mediumship for Beginners to Intermediates+

Demonstrating Mediumship Workshop Balle.

Demonstrating Platform Mediumship 



Workshop Ended

This workshop has ended and will be repeated next year 2022.

Demonstrating Mediumship Workshop Balle.

Lockdown - Learn how to Draw 

Online  (Beginners)

DATE: Ended

Workshop Ended

This workshop has now ended.  It was a lot of fun for those who were complete beginners. Please Contact Anne-Marie to add your name to the next event:  Learn how to draw for complete beginners, those who couldn't draw for toffee.

Demonstrating Mediumship Workshop Balle.

Friday Night In  - With Anne-Marie

Free Entry


Workshop Ended

This special evening has ended about Anne-Marie's Story

Contact Anne-Marie to add your name to the event:

Part 2 (My Journey as a Spirit Art)

Demonstrating Mediumship Workshop Balle.

Sitting in the Spirit Power


DATE: 30 APRIL 2021

Workshop Ended

Enjoy the experience of a 30 minutes guided meditation with the experience of Sitting within the Spirit Power for Mediumship.

Demonstrating Mediumship Workshop Balle.

How to DRAW Spirit Portraits Lv 1+2

Online  (Beginners)

DATE: 08 MAY 2021

Workshop Ended

Learn how to draw Spirit Portraits for Beginners and Novices! Our 5th year helping students online, from across the globe. Learn how to hold the pencil and begin your first mark.  This session is geared towards 'non-drawer', the 'matchstick man/woman drawer' to build confidence in drawing FACES.

Demonstrating Mediumship Workshop Balle.

How To Design Your Event Flyer 

Online  (Mixed Levels)

DATE: 08 MAY  2021

Workshop Ended

A practical and creative specialised workshop for Spiritual Professionals who may lack IT skills. Learn how to create professional flyers, posters, adverts to standout on Social Media and gain more audience engagement for your upcoming event. Dynamic Flyers. Suitable for Beginner's.


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