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Service Disclaimer

Get a cuppa this is gonna be long!



I've written this disclaimer to hopefully avoid any future possible mis-understandings or mis-communication and to really save any awkwardness on both sides.

I take my services seriously and am a genuine individual taking interest into helping people move forward in their spiritual development and careers. I have many titles under my belt and toolboxes that cater for different styles of teaching and students needs.  As a teacher I am creative and with a high aptitude of developing at a fast-track speed enabling me to pursue life having tried my hand and developed a skill to a professional standard in many areas.

I believe in numerology and I believe there is something to be said that my full names equates to the number 7 and my birthday also equates to a number 7 which for some numerologist have said 7 to be a strong Spiritual foreseeing number. I believe that also as my clairvoyance (subjective is quite strong).

Having said all that, as a professional, further educational teacher for adults, currently a Design and Delivery eLearning Instructional Specialist, a Microsoft Office Expert and having read Tarot for people since aged 14, turning professional since aged 19, moving forward into my spiritual development have been through the educational route and having obtained my DSNUt and other credentials as well as a self-taught Spiritual artist to professional standard and as a mentor and coach to many students world-wide, my creativity has led me to a path whereby I am able to instantly see within a person their spiritual pathway of where they will find that sense of personal fulfilment and productive and of service not only t themselves but to others also.

 I am not 14 any longer, with 20 years professional working experience with adults behind me, both in the corporate world and giving readings to be people all over the world, my teaching and spiritual coaching is something that helps me to breathe and breeze through this life.


I wanted to give context behind why I have certain stipulations to my disclaimer which is mainly to do with refunds, expectations and disruptions. I am a professional both for Mediumship, Public speaking (in churches) and Spiritual Art and Computer Design E-Learning and Coaching and want you to know you will be in good hands. I am fun, creative but yet with a professional flare will help you grow that confidence seed that lays within.

Due to the individual nature of the bespoke sessions you are provided with, your time is valued highly and your payment is for the time booked and the rental of the virtual office and equipment or resources used to teach you.  For each person/student I create a bespoke training plan ahead of time for the preparation of the bespoke session, which means it is not always a 'one-size, fits all plan' as you are individual in your learning development. Therefore, I have a few stipulations I ask all trainee clients to adhere to before booking my services.


Hmmm, wouldn't we all like to cancel the very last minute if we could and get a full refund. Just because I may not be an established large organisation doesn't mean you will get any less of a professional service.

Whilst I would love to do this my time is also valuable and if I have spent a week preparing for your next lesson and another student is unable to book the slot given to you, and you cancel last minute, that has stopped my ability to train and accept another booking.  So please note, unfortunately once the class has begun refunds will not be given.  Full refunds are provided if the appointment is cancelled and a new date not proposed, or you cancel your booked appointment within 15 business days of the agreed appointment date. Due to the number of trainee clients I may have at any one time if you cancel within 15 days  I may have declined another to accommodate your appointment. This also applies to any courses, masterclasses that you book with me.


Please note, last minute cancellations could stop someone else taking your seat. Any spirit portraits drawn or psychic artwork purchased do not come with a refund opportunity. Please note most of my services are from an experimental basis and by law I ought to remind you they are for entertainment purposes especially when buying readings of the clairvoyant sort. Not that I believe they are entertainment but alas the law wants you to know no guarantees can be provided for any information provided in any readings due to your freewill to make choices that lead you towards or away from what has been shared in the appointment (which I agree with).


I will provide you with a full refund if you contact me by email in writing before 15 days of the booked appointment, masterclass, workshops, weekly class or private coaching/mentorship session. Your private development will be strictly confidential and your name never disclosed or shared to any other person unless instructed by you.

Prices may go up slightly 3 days prior to the event. I advise you book a course early.

Please note my services are not in any way affiliated to any outside business organisation, but a service solely run by me and therefore, as I offer my services to you in order to professional help you improve your skills, if for any reason '(unless hospital emergencies)' you have to cancel the same day, or within 48 hours of the appointment date, a new date will be scheduled free of charge using your previously paid fee for the next class. However, if cancelling the same day or within 15 business days of the booked appointment, for absolutely ANY OTHER reason outside of family or hospital emergencies a late cancellation fee will apply and due before the next class is booked.  This late fee is £25 (non-refundable). 


Any completion certificates presented and signed by Anne-Marie or the Portrait of spirit is to be seen as in-house recognition only and is not affiliated in any way without outside professional bodies, schools or colleges. The standard is recognised by the experience of Anne-Marie who offers you the certification of completion to indicate in her opinion you have demonstrated the quality, empathy, structure, ability, compassion, delivery that is required by her standard.  The certification does not qualify you as a member of the Portrait of Spirit, staff, neither forwarded as a practitioner to get paid.  Should you decide to charge for your services you do so in your own right and are liable to pay your own taxes.  Anne-Marie refuses any liability by your own volition of believing you are legally qualified as a practitioner.

...Finally dear client...

I hope to provide the very best service to you and I can only do that if I've felt my services have made a difference. However, I reserve the right to refuse, cancel or withdrawn any client or booked appointment at any time. If you are found to be rude, disruptive or aggressive in anyway you will not receive a refund and your class may still be cancelled and my spirit lawyers called in.  Luckily I have never had such a client, but you do hear horror stories... but now with the 'uncomfortable disclaimer out of the way. I hope that you will not only become a client but a spiritual friend amongst many and as spirit we connect and we continue to grow in the Spirit of life.

To READ my Masterclass Terms and Conditions Disclaimer - click here)


I am know by many to be kind, loyal and above all passionate about what I provide to clients, so I really do look forward in extending to you my knowledge, wisdom, expertise and spiritual guidance. 

Peace be with you

x Anne-Marie x

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