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Meet Your Mentor!

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Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship Winner 2014


Anne-Marie Bond

Spiritualist Medium DSNU


Spirit Portrait Artist, Visionary Artist, Psychic Artist and Pet Portrait Artist

Refining Your Mediumship

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Small group mentorship guided by your tutor allowing you to participate and enjoy developing in new ways to strengthen your ability as a demonstrating Medium.

Unsuitable for Beginners:

Suitable for Intermediate levels

In-House Certificate of Completion (non-affiliated with any professional body) 

04 March 2023 to 25 August 2023:

Times: 6.30pm to 8.30pm UK GMT

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Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.dip DSNU 


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The Online Mediumship Mentorship Overview

The six months Mentorship is geared towards training people wanting to develop more confidence, accuracy, and flow in their Mediumship ability—preparation for the Platform and Private Sitting development. 

I have found in my personal development that mediums can feel alone and unsupported, and more feedback should be given to support confidence building.  The courses and mentorships I run are based on confidence building, and you will be working with like-minded students, all present for the same reason, to build a better way of communicating and serving the spirit family and friends wanting to send a message to their loved ones here within the physical world.

The mentorship comes with an investment price, but the value is always at the heart of all I provide.  Your time, your investment and my time and investment will be driven by the goal of demonstrating and becoming Your Kind of Medium.

Completion in-house certificate provided on completion (conditions apply).

The Mentorship is open to both UK and NON-UK students and focuses on supporting your:


  • Development as a platform demonstrator

  • Improving your delivery and increasing your flow

  • Finding your natural demonstrator style

  • Raising self-confidence

  • Open and Closing Prayers

  • Focus on your audience introduction before Deming

  • Staying within the power while working

  • Presenting accurate evidence

  • Rapport with the Recipient

  • Ability to engage the audience

  • Blind readings to create self-trust

  • Understanding the recipient's feedback for accurate self-assessment

  • Direct connection with the art of private sittings

  • Final message for the impact of Soul to Soul connection

How The Group Meets

We meet monthly for 2 hours of intensive training online (via Zoom). Together students practice a range of exercises to improve their ability to commune between both worlds effectively and to help them increase their skill to that of a stronger demonstrator.

  • Free Access to the Secret pages on the website of Mediumship this website for free listening to all uploads

  • You will complete knowledge practically and theory work between sessions to strengthen your mental ability. Knowledge work is in place of the traditional term 'homework.'

  • An intermediate to advanced Mentorship is not suitable for complete beginners. 

Don't miss out!  Limited numbers! Book now. 


KEY POINT: Invest in your future - Invest in improving your confidence 

Knowledge is power, springboard, and fast-track your ability to conquer your FEAR of demonstrating and getting it wrong or simply feeling not 'good enough.'

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'Your Kind of Medium'.

Mentorship Open to Intermediate levels

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Sessions are 6.30pm - 8.30pm/9.00pm

Students numbers 8 maximum.


04 March 2023

01 April 2023

06 May 2023

03 June 2023

24 June 2023 (Optional Public Mock)

01 July 2023

29 July 2023

05 August 2023 


End of Mentorship 25 August 2023

Optional Participation LIVE Public Online Presentation

6.30pm-8.30pm UK GMT at times 9pm (please leave 30 mins additional time)


Additional extra session

Sunday 17 December 2023, optional for students to take part in the Christmas Open Platform Demonstration with our booked main Demonstrator Natalie Eden Walker.

A completion (in-house) certificate will be offered to students able to complete the Live Public Presentation based on the criteria presented within the first session.

Advancement of the Mediumship Mentorship, beyond end of Mentorship


  1. Dedicated to the more experienced students and ONLY for this mentorship I intend to create the space for you to participate on the online platform (with another student) to deliver Mediumship in a live public demonstration 

  2. I will create the flyers, and you will be expected to advertise your event with said flyer.

  3. This will be a 90 mins demonstration evening, 30 mins each with 3 contacts minimum.

  4. I will give one of the speakers mentorship students the opportunity to 'chair' the event.

  5. You will be expected to introduce yourself, how you work, and maintain a professional public appearance delivering your contacts.

  6. There will be three public evening events created to accommodate students depending upon interest.

  7. This offer, is optional.  If you wish to register for this opportunity please let me know asap.



  • (x2 students) Sat 23 September 2023 - 6pm - 7.30pm - Chaired by a speaker from the speaking mentorship - Completion Certificate provided on successful completion.

  • (x2 students) Sat 30 September 2023 - 6pm - 7.30pm - Chaired by a speaker from the speaking mentorship - Completion Certificate provided on successful completion.

  • (x2 students) Sat 21 October 2023 - 5pm - 6.30pm - Chaired by a speaker from the speaking mentorship - Completion Certificate provided on successful completion.

Depending upon your performance I may share your name with reputable people to be on their books for demonstrations.



Mentorship Investment

The six months mentorship  may be paid in full, or in 4 installments with the final installment to be completed by 06 May 2023.  For installments please contact me via email for the installment link, otherwise pay using the button below.



You will receive an email of payment confirmation within the same day with zoom codes. Refunds offered only when requested within 48 hours of payment being made. If you find you are unable to attend all the sessions there are no 'part payment refunds'. This is payment upfront and your decision to ensure you can make it or offer the place to a friend as you will not unfortunatley be refunded. The sessions will not be recorded for any session you are unable to make unless it a special occassion.


with Anne-Marie Bond DSNU

Helping you to become
Your Kind of Medium

Mediumship and Speaking and SPIRIT ART Mentorship (4).png
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