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Spiritual Writing / Psychography

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Entry Level: Beginner levels

02 June 2022

2.00pm-6.30pm UK BST 

9.00am-1.30pm EST

6.00am-10.30am PST

Non UK residents are responsible for double checking their own time zones before booking.

via ZOOM


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Welcome to The Automatic Drawing and Writing Online Workshop


Held on Zoom, students worldwide can join and learn a skill or practice their skills with other students to perfect their ability to provide written philosophical statements from their higher self or the intelligence of a separate mind. Most likely from their spirit guide(s).

An Introductory automatic drawing and writing

an online workshop for complete beginners. 

Automatic Writing or Psychography is known as Spirit writing and is a skill you can develop. The goal is to enable you to connect to Spirit and write, subconsciously, what the Spirit wishes you to do or wants you to know.  This can be a very rewarding experience for people unable to hear, know what their guide is trying to say.  Sometimes even our own higher self can reward us with the answers to our questions that our mindfog fails us to see.    I have limited this workshop to a select amount so if interested do book early.  Please note due to the nature of the workshop and limited numbers I do not (as with all workshops) provide refunds on the same day or transfers onto other workshops should you not be able to make it.    Refunds will be offered if payment requested within a 48 hour of payment made and within 30 days prior to the date of the workshop.


For Spirit artists learning to get their mind out the way when drawing can be a challenge to not want to use the 'brain' to adjust as they see fit. However, the light altered state for automatic drawing can be achieved when the artist's medium learns to surrender when developing to speak and draw simultaneously. This allows their movements to be more fluid, and the speed to which they can draw increases. 


This automatic drawing online workshop includes automatic writing exercises to help build your connection with your spirit guide. The aim is to help you achieve your goal of drawing and writing under their control, not yours, and you can gain many beautiful written messages that can accumulate as the conversation spirit wishes to have with you. Not only beneficial and enlightening but may create the understanding and the healing you need.

Automatic writing is a process developed by surrealists to tap into the subconscious to get out a way to get away from preconceived thinking to perceive in a spiritual aspect the words from the higher self or spirit communicator.

This workshop provides a taster into the first steps towards automatic drawing that supports the development of trance art and automatic spirit art for trainee spirit and psychic artists. Please find the breakdown below.



  • Introduction to the automatic drawing and writing workshop

  • Presentation of a slideshow on the history with video to view/handout

  • Learn the basic steps to support automatic writing and drawing

  • Fun, educational, and lots of exercises to experience moving the 'mind out of the way' and a great way to experience surrendering into the state for automatic drawing

  • This will also be a music-filled room during activities.

  • This workshop was presented at the AFC college in my week this year and went very well, opening the opportunity for automatic writing, history, and exercises.

This is a new and first step for beginners into an automatic drawing to support spirit portraiture. Light altered state (combined with the speed drawing workshop) supports spirit artists in multiple ways. Reservation confirmed on a first-come, first served. 



Beginners level means: You do not know how to do automatic drawing or writing. You have not connected with your guide through your art or writing before.

It is not for students that already know how to do automatic writing. This is not for students that can already draw multiple faces within a short space of time or for anyone that has taught automatic writing or a spirit portrait teacher as you may not get what you need from joining a workshop that may teach what you already know or have experienced.


This level workshop is for beginners wishing to embrace the new steps into automatic writing and drawing. Also open to established or trainee mediums, speakers, healers, or those stepping into the world of Spiritual unfoldment for the first time.



Due to the limited number of students permitted in the Automatic Drawing and Writing Workshop and the Trance Art workshop, I have to be super specific at the entry-level, so should you have experience and still wish to join that is perfectly fine however, do not get disappointed at the pace, speed, and content within the workshop if you enter with prior knowledge, Entry is for Beginners' not intermediate or advanced levels having said that all people who do not teach are welcome if you are happy to work at the workshop's pace, which is to ensure beginners can follow happily along.


Let's get connected with Spirit!

​Suitable for Beginners, Novices Only


  • Presentation Talk

  • Students Practice

  • Doors open 30 minutes before the event

Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip DSNU 

Book Your Workshop Today. I look forward to seeing you in class x


Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU


Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

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